Saturday, April 21, 2018

Boeufhaus -- The Verdict

What a shame that we lacked a quorum for this outing!  We had three +90 scores, with comments like this: "I wanted to snuggle this burger. The bun was pillowy. The perfectly beefy beef so loosely packed. It was like biting into the tastiest, most substantial cloud I've ever eaten. The sauce on the side would have sunk this burger; throw it away and enjoy." Said another: "a great burger experience. Perfectly cooked medium, full-flavored, with an excellent char crust. And without a bun, the bed of frisée totally worked — can anyone say jus vinaigrette? And the beouf-fat fries. YUM." Our lowest scorer (with a still-not-too-shabby 83) would have scored higher, but for the char. The only thing we all didn't like was the odd-tasting side sauce, which happily remained in the ramekin and avoided cross-contamination. Where’s the Boeuf? Right here! 

Exhibit 84 -- Boeufhaus

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Lockdown Bar & Grill -- The Verdict

Finnish death metal *and* a burger?  What's not to like?  Well, there were some things not to like, not that any complaints could be heard over the Marilyn Manson montage.  Despite the prison theme and some interesting combination options, our detractors thought the burger lacked flavor.  Wrote one reviewer:  "This prison themed dive aesthetic was better than the burger. A relatively unseasoned burger, accentuated by a lack of moisture make this bid a little too long for me. I suppose though, this is homage to its incarcerated heritage. Unlike an actual visit down the river, the service here was terrific. The menu is amazing. The combos are great, in theory, but not unlike rehabilitation, they are only aspirationally wonderful. If sentenced to dine at Lockdown, go in the evening, and after you’ve had several cocktails." Another: "While not rising to the level of shocking the conscience, I am sad, sad, sad bc my medium super merkts stuffed extravaganza burger turned out to be merely a medium rare plain burger with fried something sprinkles on the top. Yummy if somewhat burned fries. Please make the music stop. All in all: deliberate indifference."  Not that there weren't some fans:  "I’m biased because I was already a repeat Lockdown customer. It’s a bold, Kuma’sesque burger accompanied by metal tunes. This go was a little muddled though, I must say. My burger was delicious but I couldn’t really discern the beef from the overpowering chorizo. Top notch fried egg. But overall a little too messy. And the wait was excessive, with misfires in the execution all around, which just left the impression that we had the kitchen’s B team today. I know this place can do much better, so it’s a bummer. Insert sad face."  Still, we suspect the Heinz ketchup had been replaced with an off-brand, in some Shawshank-like shenanigan of the warden's choosing.  Low of 68; high of 84; average of 74.

Exhibit 83 -- Lockdown Bar & Grill

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Travelle -- The Verdict

For $23, the burger better be something special.  And this one was pretty good.  While we again lacked a quorum sufficient to merit a fully admissible review, we enjoyed the oversized patty, American cheese (as good as American cheese can be), and capable bun that kept a juicy burger together.  The onions weren't listed on the menu, and got to be a bit much.  Still, we all loved the burger to start but, by the end, our enthusiasm began to lag a bit.  The seasoned fries were noteworthy, and the "generically downtown fancy" vibe was pleasant.  Said one:  "This is a burger I would happily eat again.  Like for dinner tonight.  If someone else were paying."

Exhibit 82 -- Travelle

Friday, February 23, 2018

Maillard Tavern -- The Verdict

Sadly, we lacked a quorum for this to be an official review, but our four tasters each found a little slice of burger heaven at Maillard Tavern. Delicious patties, clever combinations (such as:  BBQ sauce, bleu cheese, and grilled onions), tasty fries, and local ketchup added to the vibe.  "I was humming Despacito to myself during this entire experience as I just didn't want my burger to end."  While the scores weren't official, they were all in the 90's.  In short:  Inadmissible, but delicious.  We hope to get back for a proper judging soon!