Sunday, December 11, 2016

Green River -- The Verdict

Taking the elevator to a tall floor in a medical professional building for a burger is a bit incongruous.  The antiseptic building and a good greasy burger don't seem to mix.  But it is a pleasant surprise to find a clean, well-lighted place where even some of the medical professionals were indulging.  Our reviewers loved the bun, split of the flavorfullness of the beef, and gave kudos to the aggressive mustard-based house sauce, even if we all didn't love it.  Tall fries were a plus as well.  Board certified service.  If you need a colonoscopy and a burger in the same place, this is your place.  Just be sure to do so in the right order.  

Exhibit 70 -- Green River

Cochon Volant -- The Verdict

I think the pigs were in more of a seated, rather than flying, position for our lunch.  The double-patty Au-Cheval style burger is topped with a large, perhaps too large, wedge or bacon.  Reviewers differed on the flavor experience.  Proponents found the beef rich and satisfying, cooked to order, even if the handling was a bit awkward.  Detractors points to in-the-loop level pricing ($16.95) without the Randolph Street flavor. Points for the small plating.  Deduction for nubbin fries.  All in all, a "go" but not a "must go."  Low of 74; high of 80; average of 76.

Exhibit 69 -- Cochon Volant

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Doc B's Fresh Kitchen -- The Verdict

Crazy-attentive service, creative offerings, and keen attention to the little things -- quality ice and ice tea, unobtrusive refills, ample ketchup ramekins -- only heightened the experience.  More importantly, Doc B's got the big things right:  fun and creative offerings, good buns (including the gluten-free offering), quality beef.  Solid beef flavor, loosely pressed patty.  Structurally improbable stacking of cheese, onion rings, bacon, and burger provided a handling challenge, but one we embraced.  Minor deductions were found for a bit of excess char on one burger.  The burgers also tended to the pricey side (at least on the E. Grand location).  Low of 79; high of 92; average of 86.

Exhibit 68 -- Doc B's Fresh Kitchen

Little Goat Diner -- The Verdict

For a diner, great.  For a celebrity diner, perhaps a little underwhelming.  That said, there was nothing wrong with this burger -- perhaps it lacked just a little jazz.  But, of course, it's a diner, not a three star gourmand experience.  Cooked to order, great proportions, excellent service.  No question it was sloppy to ear, but so what -- extra napkins are easy to come by.  The bun required just force to squish out the contents.  The fries were a bit on small size, but they were tasty -- so use a fork.  We'd all go back!  Low of 76; high of 84; average of 81.