Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hub 51 -- The Verdict

Much to like here, starting with friendly service and great appetizers.  Several variations of burgers also scored well.  We all liked the thick burger options:  flavorful, generously sized, and so juicy the bun could hardly keep up.  Good, creative options were well perceived.  (The "skinny" didn't do as well -- "smashed beyond recognition.")  Good vibe, but in such a cavernous space, it would be hard to call this a find. The fries were controversial.  While one of our group like the "corn nut" flavor, most of us didn't.  We also couldn't quite figure out how to describe them ("fry confetti, dusted with an unadvertised Old Bay-eqsue seasoning"; "nubbins -- to herbed"; "cold icky Cajun spice"; "salty and strangely seasoned.")  Low of 69; high of84; average of 78.

Exhibit 42 -- Hub 51

David Burke's Primhouse -- The Verdict

"Oh, David Burkes.  I wanted to love you.  But I just … didn't."  There's a lot going for you.  Good apps; nice venue, too.  We all agreed on that.  But then, opinions varied.  Our high scorer loved the beef:  "The flavor shines … more than anything it suffers from cartoonishly high expectations.  Don't advertise in the menu that it's the best burger in America unless you know it's a home run."  Others were less enamored.  "Dry," "bland," and "bready" may be compliments for certain foodstuffs (albeit none leap to mind), but not a burger.  Ultimately, wrote one:  "Pheh."  Low of 62; high of 77; average of 68.

Exhibit 41 -- David Burke's Primehouse