Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Marc Burger -- The Verdict

Few dollars and many napkins are required for this celebrity chef's quick-service location on the seventh floor of Marshall Field's, er, Macy's. Everyone loved the friendly counter service, yummy fries, and delicious shakes. Two ketchup options was a nice touch. We also agreed that the $8.50 price point, including fries, is good value for the money. Lastly, regardless of burger variation, we all found the burger fairly sloppy in terms of handling. There was a fair amount of variation in the burger flavor evaluation, however: from delicious to "not terribly memorable," depending on the reviewer. Expect a good sized patty, served medium well, and a fairly complicated taste palate on top. Our buffalo burger taster preferred the bovine basic. Low of 66; High of 85; Average of 77.

Exhibit 12 -- Marc Burger

Saturday, May 8, 2010

M Burger -- The Verdict

M Burger's mere existence is a study in chutzpah. Allow us to submit some evidence: (a) it's a burger joint running out of the same kitchen as TRU, one of Chicago's ritziest culinary destinations; (b) it's a lunch hotspot a stone's throw from Louis Vuitton and Burberry where you can pay with a tenspot and get change back; (c) they provide outdoor seating where you can scarf down your burger, fries and milkshake literally in the shadow of Northwestern Memorial Hospital (b.y.o. Lipitor); and (d) there are several delicious creations that are intentionally left off the menu, which you can only discover through word of mouth. The nerve! The good news is that they back it up with a heck of a burger. We went for doubles all around, and both the M Burger and the Hurt Burger (not on the menu, your choice of spice level: bbq sauce, sliced jalapenos, green chilies or all three) scored very well. Our reviewers universally praised the fresh flavor of the beef and toppings as well as the top notch fries and shakes (the butterscotch shake, also unlisted, is a must). Some were disappointed with the "thin, fluffy bun," but overall the scores were still high enough to just beat out recent favorite Epic. Low of 78, high of 90 (twice!), average score: 84.

Exhibit 11 -- M Burger