Monday, April 18, 2016

Kuma's Too -- The Verdict

The volume is turned up to 11 at Kuma's -- both on the soundtrack and on the plate.   A head-bangingly good time starts with the menu, the choices, and the ingredients (including "anger").  Tasty apps and attentive tattooed service keep the set moving.  And then the burger: big, big, big.  Very well executed; tasty beef; cooked right to order. Those with lower reviews dinged the fries (soggy); the pretzel bun garnered mixed reviews (from "tough and tasteless" to "soft and chewy"); and two of the group seemed to lower their scores due to too much meat -- never seen that before.  Be prepared to take the house-made ketchup and mustard, but otherwise substitutes welcome.  Regardless, worth the trip -- even if you've never been to a Pantera concert.  Low of 79; high of 92; average of 84.

Exhibit 65 -- Kuma's Too