Monday, August 24, 2009


Exhibit 3 -- C-House

A burger? At a "fish and chop" house?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Patty Burger -- The Verdict

Patty Burger offered challenges to our group. On a "policy" level, it raised the question as to whether our scale could adapt to both fine dining, and quick service. On a burger-specific level, there was a fair amount of variability in scoring and comment.

Aesthetically, the burger scored fairly well for handling and execution, even with our reviewers choosing both single and double patties. Most of the scores reflecting a "tight" burger of "excellent shape/presentation," albeit with one dissenter finding the overall presentation "sloppy." There was only one cooking option here, well done, which led to some criticisms on taste. In general, though, our reviewers had modest expectations, which were, for the most part, met. Our most generous judge called it "Great for what it is." Another noted it was a good value. For a day-to-day carry out burger, it would be better than average - though one commented: "would prefer a whopper with cheese."

There were some over-all negatives, though, which brought down the score. Patty Burger seemed like a half-baked concept. The order taker made multiple mistakes; the decor and music were at odds; the special sauce added nothing. The fries, in particular, were mere nubbins of potatoes -- embarrassing. But, the shakes made us forget them a bit.

Scoring: low of 59; high of 75; average of 66.

Double -- $5.99

Patty Burger

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rosebud -- The Verdict

Maybe the Tribune knows what it's talking about. Overall, we were very pleased. "Superb presentation, trumped only by the taste and ease of consumption." Flavor scores ranged from "solid" to "perfect." Well apportioned burger, plate, toppings, and sides. Included condiments were ample but pleasingly optional, allowing for customization. One reviewer found it a "little too greasy"; others noted that, with cheese and additions, the burger became pricey. With an average score of 83.8, this will be tough to beat.

Rosebud Steakhouse -- 12 Oz. Burger

Not just any burger. "THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE AWARDS ROSEBUD STEAKHOUSE The * BEST BURGER * in CHICAGO" -- it says so right on the menu. $11.95, plus a buck more for cheese, plus $1 or $2 more for other toppings.

Exhibit 1 -- Rosebud Steakhouse (July)

The Rosebud burger has ranked highly in various Chicago surveys. Should we believe the hype?