Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chicago Cut Steakhouse -- The Verdict

Where the elite meet to eat heated meat. Power lunch spot with a power burger to match. Not a burger for the faint of heart. Huge, almost ridiculous patty, but beautifully cooked and tasty. It may even take two buns to handle (see below.) Great presentation, with “perfect char,” yet delightfully juicy. “You know it is a good burger when you order the wrong temperature, and it’s still awesome.” “Greatest onion rings this side of Vidalia.” Nice array of condiments, supported by “[e]xcellent use of ramekins.” And the service? “Service that’s so attentive it brings liberal guilt to the surface.” The price? It’s a $20 burger at half the price. The burger may be the only bargain on the menu, but why have anything else. What a meal! Low of 84; high of 93; average of 90.

The Lone Bun, Man?

Near the end of lunch, we were surprised to note an unusual preparation. It appeared that CCS was using a three part bun, with a single top but two layers of bottom bun.

Note the different coloration of what appears to be two types of bread.

Going back to the photo record, the differentiated underbun is clearly revealed in this earlier Zapruder-like photo.

Intentional or not? We could not confirm. It appeared that some in the group had a similar treatment, but other insisted they received single bun treatment.

Exhibit 17 -- Chicago Cut Steakhouse

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Paramount Room -- The Verdict

The numerical score may not do justice to the good times to be had a Paramount Room, even in the bright, blinding light of mid-day. "Not perfect, but I loved it," noted one reviewer. Excellent service, a good vibe, and high-quality, "artisanal" toppings, on the one hand, as compared to a "quickly unraveling softball" of a patty. Excellent sides, including tasty tempura-fried green beans (far from oily, with a good "snap") also scored well. However, most of our group were disappointed that their burgers came overcooked. As another reviewer noted: "Defense wins championships; cook to order please." And, was that brioche bun a day past prime? Maybe, but it was still a fun meal. Low of 65; high of 81; average of 73.

Exhibit 16 - Paramount Room

A bright day + a dark interior + bad photography =/= justice.