Saturday, February 11, 2012

Benny's Chop House -- The Verdict

They say that there is an intentional flaw in every Persian carpet, because only Allah is perfect. Benny's had a lot going for it. Remarkably friendly and attentive service. Good vibe. Out-of-this-world bread basket. Tasty apps. A $10 price point. Delicious, well-seasoned beef. Attractive presentation. (The low light photos below don't do the meal any kind of justice.) Everything hit the mark, except the damn bottom bun. Even the top bun was delicious. To quote one judge, "The ground beef was amazing, but the ground bun was a mess." The lower bun, a bit too thin to start and then weakend with juicy tomatoes and other toppings ("bottomings"?), made the burger difficult to pick up and impossible to survive the whole meal. Fifteen percent of our scoring goes to handling, and that was the one part of the experience that was BUNgled. High of 76; low of 68; average of 74.

Exhibit 26 -- Benny's Chop House