Saturday, July 14, 2012

Grange Hall Burger Bar -- The Verdict

This place hit the spot.  Where the sweet spot hits the meat spot.  Said one reviewer:  "This may be the pie talking, but I could live here:  It's awesome."  Another noted:  "The way I like burgers in the sort of place I like to eat them."  Nice, not-too-hipster, Americana, Iron-and-Wine loving ambiance.  Terrific options; attractive presentation; great flavor; strong finish.  It also didn't hurt that we visited on a perfect day for indoor/outdoor dining.  If you wanted to find flaws, you might note that the the burger was a bit small for the price, and several noted the burger was a bit more over-cooked than expected.  Fantastic onion rings and pie!  Low of 86; high of 95; average of 90.  Welcome to the 90+ club, Grange.  You're in fine company.  

Exhibit 31 -- Grange Hall Burger Bar

Hop Haus -- The Verdict

Pub grub, bub.  Your basic burger, only a bit sloppier.  Tasty, big, but perhaps a little haphazard.  If we all could have had a few beers to go along, when knows how the score could have skewed upward.  There's much to like.  Goos apps.  Plenty of choice and variety when it comes to the burger itself.  Highlights:  bun (pretzel, great), topping options.  Lowlights:  handling, under-seasoned beef.  Also, waffle fries and off-brand ketchup didn't help the overall scores.  Low of 74; high of 80; average of 77.

Exhibit 30 -- Hop Haus