Sunday, October 30, 2016

Doc B's Fresh Kitchen -- The Verdict

Crazy-attentive service, creative offerings, and keen attention to the little things -- quality ice and ice tea, unobtrusive refills, ample ketchup ramekins -- only heightened the experience.  More importantly, Doc B's got the big things right:  fun and creative offerings, good buns (including the gluten-free offering), quality beef.  Solid beef flavor, loosely pressed patty.  Structurally improbable stacking of cheese, onion rings, bacon, and burger provided a handling challenge, but one we embraced.  Minor deductions were found for a bit of excess char on one burger.  The burgers also tended to the pricey side (at least on the E. Grand location).  Low of 79; high of 92; average of 86.

Exhibit 68 -- Doc B's Fresh Kitchen

Little Goat Diner -- The Verdict

For a diner, great.  For a celebrity diner, perhaps a little underwhelming.  That said, there was nothing wrong with this burger -- perhaps it lacked just a little jazz.  But, of course, it's a diner, not a three star gourmand experience.  Cooked to order, great proportions, excellent service.  No question it was sloppy to ear, but so what -- extra napkins are easy to come by.  The bun required just force to squish out the contents.  The fries were a bit on small size, but they were tasty -- so use a fork.  We'd all go back!  Low of 76; high of 84; average of 81.

Exhibit 67 -- Little Goat Diner

Chicken and Farm Shop a/k/a Chicken Shop -- The Verdict

A pleasant surprise, for a restaurant whose primary metier is not the burger.  Good proportions of toppings, meat, and bun.  The Philly cheese steak burger with short rib, white cheddar and peppers, in particular, went over well.  The fries also were perfectly cooked.  Demerits for the little things:  Diet Coke bottles sized for the short-fingered vulgarian; charging for the fries a la carte; and bacon that threatened to overpower the flavor of the meat.  Overall, though, nicely done!  Low of 79; high of 90; average of 83.

Exhibit 66 -- Chicken and Farm Shop a/k/a Chicken Shop