Sunday, October 30, 2016

Doc B's Fresh Kitchen -- The Verdict

Crazy-attentive service, creative offerings, and keen attention to the little things -- quality ice and ice tea, unobtrusive refills, ample ketchup ramekins -- only heightened the experience.  More importantly, Doc B's got the big things right:  fun and creative offerings, good buns (including the gluten-free offering), quality beef.  Solid beef flavor, loosely pressed patty.  Structurally improbable stacking of cheese, onion rings, bacon, and burger provided a handling challenge, but one we embraced.  Minor deductions were found for a bit of excess char on one burger.  The burgers also tended to the pricey side (at least on the E. Grand location).  Low of 79; high of 92; average of 86.

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