Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Three Aces -- The Verdict

It was a dark and stormy night.  Well, the restaurant was dark; the reviews were stormy.  This was a complex burger.  "Nor for amateurs.  For auteurs maybe."  It was the Roshomon of burgers -- as no two reviewers saw the same thing.  "As complicated a burger as God will allow on this rock."  We could agree on some things:  we all liked the bacon jam, and we all thought the homemade ketchup was disappointing.  We also thought the complex combination of beef, bun, jam, and other toppings had great potential, but the experience was off.  For proponents:  "An amazing burger:  I'd have scored just the bun and bacon jam highly.  The fantastic patty was a bonus."  For detractors:  "A hot mess."  We also liked our server, but the kitchen took forever.  In sum:  "Could have been great, but it took too long, the sides were tasteless, the fries were cold."  Indeed, the fries were more like nubbins than proper-lengthed stalks.  Said another:  "I just wish the burger was served somewhere else, by some other cook, with other sides."  Low of 57; high of 89; average of 74.

Exhibit 34 -- Three Aces