Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Burger Team

May we suggest wrapping your presents just so?

The Grillroom Chophouse & Winebar -- The Verdict

Who knew that there was such a thing as too much bacon on a burger? Until our visit to the Grillroom Chophouse Winebar (six nouns?), we didn't. Indeed, "bacon" really isn't the right word, as the house burger's topping of choice was two slabs of pork belly the size of a pair of iPhones. Indeed, come to think of it, "topping" doesn't quite do justice to these pork planks. They totally dominated the burger, adding unusual dimensions of flavor and texture, which made the pork the focus of the sandwich, not the beef. From what we could discern, the burger itself had the potential to stand on its own, but in this formulation it was as pricey as it was sloppy. There were other things to like (delicious apps, tasty fries, attentive service), but this particular burger concept didn't do much for us. Low of 60; high of 72; average of 67.

Exhibit 25 -- The Grillroom Chophouse & Winebar