Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Fifty/50 -- The Verdict

A pity we're not judging the chicken wings.  They were out of this world.  Huge, spicy, tasty.  The burgers, however, had a lot going for them, but the verdict was just so-so; I guess that's par for the course at a place called Fifty/50.  Interestingly, while we agreed that there was a lot to like -- ample size, great pretzel bun, creative sides and combinations, swift and attentive service -- we had different reactions to the burger itself.  First off, there were some who found no fault at all ("big, juicy, and messy"; "great").  Some didn't like the BBQ sauce topping ("too sweet, too boring"); some thought the meat was bland ("meaty, but not flavorful"); some thought the chef screwed up in the preparation ("The bones of a good burger, but the fingerprints of a bad chef.").  Interestingly, though, we all had a good time, and there seemed to be an appetite to come back again.  Maybe next time.  Interestingly, despite the disparate comments, the numbers were closely aligned.  Low of 80; high of 84; average of 83.  

Exhibit 38 -- The Fifty/50