Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tortoise Club -- The Verdict

An impressive burger, served in an old world steakhouse vibe.  Dark wood, white table cloths, amusing caricatures, but not without a sense of humor and self-awareness.  Classy, and unlike, say, Prime Cut, you can actually have a conversation here.  Enough about the room; how was the burger?  It was great.  Cooked to perfection.  Delicious beef.  A solid presentation.  Tasty, herbed fries.  Attentive service.  Just about everything you would want.  The only demerit came when our server didn't fully identify what was on the burger (some in our group would steer clear of pickles and, perhaps, the onion jam), but there was no debate about the quality of the meat, perfection of the preparation, professional service, and warmth of the experience.   Low of 83; high of 91; average of 88.  P.S.  We've never done this before, but we're adding 2 bonus points to the final score here for an exceptional post-meal experience.  After we were done, we were approached by the owners/managers who were genuinely interested in improving our dining experience.  We discussed the non-disclosure issue, and we feel confident it was addressed before we ever set foot on State Street.  Well done.  Tortoise Club deserves a 90.

Exhibit 37 -- Tortoise Club

Little Market Brasserie -- The Verdict

The Fredo Burger:  "I know it was you.  You broke our heart."  There was so very much we liked about the experience:  great service, great fries, great bun, great concept ... but there was something very wrong here.  Several of us agree:  a fishy taste and smell that was remarkably off-putting in a burger.  Come for the fries, leave before the burger.  Umami fail.  Low of 48; high of 81; average of 68.5.  We'll round up to 69.

Exhibit 36 -- Little Market Brasserie