Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lessons in Thoughtful Criticism

Came across this the other day. If you haven't seen it, a word of set up is in order. Simply, it is a dramatic, literal reading of a comment posted regarding a flash game. While you might initially think this is a bit ultra vires for our topic here, there is much to learn about effective criticism in blog form. When I think of time, money, and effort -- as well as the blood (cow blood, mostly), sweat, and tears that go into our modest review efforts here, I am awed. Look on this work, ye mighty, and despair:

primebar -- The Verdict

Inside one of them mod-ren office buildings in the loop, rests "primebar" (no caps; though one building sign said "Prime Bar"). If you can find your way through the Wacker Drive renovations, you will be greeted by the aromas of charred beef and office workers (okay, mostly beef). The main burger option here comes as as a double; two relatively thin patties; cooked to order, so long as your order is medium or greater. Multiple variations, including bacon, fried egg, and goat cheese combinations. Good music, nice ambiance. Friendly, fast service, as if their clientele has to get back to work. As to the burger itself, "nice, if boring." Well prepared, well executed, and well presented. But disappointingly little flavor to the burger itself. The egg-and-gouda combination worked nicely, but the BBQ, which promised an overload of flavors, erred on the side of bland and, surprisingly, a bit on the dry side. Overall, solid, with room to improve. Low of 65; high of 82; average of 74.

Exhibit 15 - primebar

Belated Season's Greetings

Pretend this was posted in December.