Saturday, July 14, 2012

Grange Hall Burger Bar -- The Verdict

This place hit the spot.  Where the sweet spot hits the meat spot.  Said one reviewer:  "This may be the pie talking, but I could live here:  It's awesome."  Another noted:  "The way I like burgers in the sort of place I like to eat them."  Nice, not-too-hipster, Americana, Iron-and-Wine loving ambiance.  Terrific options; attractive presentation; great flavor; strong finish.  It also didn't hurt that we visited on a perfect day for indoor/outdoor dining.  If you wanted to find flaws, you might note that the the burger was a bit small for the price, and several noted the burger was a bit more over-cooked than expected.  Fantastic onion rings and pie!  Low of 86; high of 95; average of 90.  Welcome to the 90+ club, Grange.  You're in fine company.  

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