Sunday, March 13, 2011

Paramount Room -- The Verdict

The numerical score may not do justice to the good times to be had a Paramount Room, even in the bright, blinding light of mid-day. "Not perfect, but I loved it," noted one reviewer. Excellent service, a good vibe, and high-quality, "artisanal" toppings, on the one hand, as compared to a "quickly unraveling softball" of a patty. Excellent sides, including tasty tempura-fried green beans (far from oily, with a good "snap") also scored well. However, most of our group were disappointed that their burgers came overcooked. As another reviewer noted: "Defense wins championships; cook to order please." And, was that brioche bun a day past prime? Maybe, but it was still a fun meal. Low of 65; high of 81; average of 73.

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