Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Marc Burger -- The Verdict

Few dollars and many napkins are required for this celebrity chef's quick-service location on the seventh floor of Marshall Field's, er, Macy's. Everyone loved the friendly counter service, yummy fries, and delicious shakes. Two ketchup options was a nice touch. We also agreed that the $8.50 price point, including fries, is good value for the money. Lastly, regardless of burger variation, we all found the burger fairly sloppy in terms of handling. There was a fair amount of variation in the burger flavor evaluation, however: from delicious to "not terribly memorable," depending on the reviewer. Expect a good sized patty, served medium well, and a fairly complicated taste palate on top. Our buffalo burger taster preferred the bovine basic. Low of 66; High of 85; Average of 77.

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