Sunday, February 9, 2014

David Burke's Primhouse -- The Verdict

"Oh, David Burkes.  I wanted to love you.  But I just … didn't."  There's a lot going for you.  Good apps; nice venue, too.  We all agreed on that.  But then, opinions varied.  Our high scorer loved the beef:  "The flavor shines … more than anything it suffers from cartoonishly high expectations.  Don't advertise in the menu that it's the best burger in America unless you know it's a home run."  Others were less enamored.  "Dry," "bland," and "bready" may be compliments for certain foodstuffs (albeit none leap to mind), but not a burger.  Ultimately, wrote one:  "Pheh."  Low of 62; high of 77; average of 68.

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