Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bandera -- The Verdict

A hot mess. The selling point of the burger is that it is ground on-site. Is that what attributes to a burger that breaks up in your hands? That the burger was served supported by four overgrown toothpicks -- more like stilts -- to hold it together was a warning sign of poor structural integrity. Frank Lloyd would not approve. But, how is the taste? While some found the burger a touch on the greasy side, most enjoyed the flavor of the beef. Few, however, appreciated the hodge-podge of unannounced toppings: mayo, mustard, BBQ sauce (ketchup?), pickles (long-sliced and diced, it seemed), onions, lettuce, tomato, and perhaps others that competed with the cheese for flavor. The toppings won the battle with the cheese; the cheddar, at least, was a non-event. "Just trust us," seemed to be the philosophy, but advance notice (either on the menu, or by server) would have managed expectations. Still, no hard feelings. Even some of the lower scorers would give the burger another chance. Low of 54; high of 80; average of 68.

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