Saturday, April 10, 2010

Epic Burger -- The Verdict

Question: Can a mid-price-range, quick-service burger compete with the tres cher big boys? Answer: Yes, if the burger is built with quality ingredients; delivered to your table with fast, accurate, and unobtrusive service; and offered in a comfortable, clean environment. While you won't be able to request rare, medium, or well done, there are ample choices of topping and combo options, carefully explained as part of the order-at-the-counter-bring-to-the-table regime. Some found the loaded burgers hard to handle and a little sloppy, but it was hard to come up with other criticisms. Nice details, like table-ready organic ketchup and quality mustard, biodegradable tableware, and a twitter-friendly flat screen, reflect effort to stand out from the crowd. Great fries and rich, yummy shakes too. Well done, Epic. Low of 79; high of 86; average of 82.

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