Monday, November 15, 2010

Should we change our tagline?

We just did an interview with Outside the Loop radio, Chicago's Almost Above Ground Audio Magazine (, and it occurred to us, perhaps we should change our mission.

Chicago Lawyers (the bench now includes a non-attorney. Thank God.) Judging Chicago Burgers (We have never ordered a burger. They ALWAYS have cheese.)

What do you think, would you order a Burger without cheese? Let's be serious here, assume for those of you who cannot eat cheese, that you could. Would you ever order a plain burger?


  1. If you're asking whether you should change your tagline to "Chicago Lawyers Judging Chicago Cheeseburgers," sure...why not. Just make sure you definitely dissect the cheese in detail in your review!

  2. Maybe the strategic use of a footnote would both add clarity and emphasize the legal weeny-ness of the bloggers?

  3. as the non-attorney flag bearer, call me biased but i like the idea of a new tagline. here are two suggestions:

    "making an argument for the best burger in Chicago."

    "beefy. cheesy. overeducated."

  4. also, i would never, ever order a burger without cheese. unless maybe it was some kind of exotic meat preparation. but even then, i can't think of any exotic meat preparation that would not be improved by a slice of melty delicious cheese.

    remember the cheese on the burger at the Capital Grill? good times. they still win best cheese.