Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BIG & little's -- The Verdict

We stopped watching Gordon Ramsay yell at hapless Americans some time ago (though we still have fond memories of the BBC version of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares). Nonetheless, maybe we quit too soon since we missed "Chef Tony" in Season 6 of Hell's Kitchen. The Summertime $5 Burger Challenge really hit its stride at BIG & little's, Chef Tony's burger shack just North of Chicago Avenue. (We understand both BIG and little will be moving a couple of blocks down the road in a few weeks.) "A fantastic burger experience." "They keep it simple and nail it." What the joint lacked in seating, it made up in taste. Perfectly charred beef flavor and cooked-to-order, you'll get a juicy burger in your basket with waxed paper, served with an equally impressive basket of fries. I don't think Ramsay's decorators had much to do with the decor, but you'll be too busy wiping your fingers to notice. (Other items on the menu entice -- the smores bacon tacos and fried grilled cheese -- but are ultra vires for this blog.) Low of 76; high of 83; average of 79. Well done, Chef.

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