Sunday, September 11, 2011

Top Notch Beefburgers -- The Verdict

The Summertime $5 buyer challenge rolls on, rolling all the way to Beverly for a trip to Top Notch Beefburger. This place is old school. "Return with us now to the thrilling days of yesteryear" old school. Top Notch has a reputation and value proposition, offset somewhat by the commute should you be traveling from downtown. Regardless, much excitement from our visiting judge, who finds that the diner ambiance and signature burger takes her back to her childhood. While there was a bit of variation in the scoring, our panel of judges all loved the old school feel and the addictive shakes. The burger itself, reportedly finding its origins in the legs of our bovine suppliers, varied a bit. For our guest judge, it was the meaty equivalent of Proust's madaleines, defining the burger against which all others are measured. For others, it was "solid," "meaty -- in a good way," but a bit "basic." Certainly, it was not the juiciest of preparations. That said, the nostalgic burger, tasty (if, perhaps not, "unique" fries), and life-changing shake, all make Top Notch worth the trip. Low of 74; high of 87; average 79.

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