Friday, February 15, 2013

Allium -- The Verdict

Allium -- or "Alli-YUM" as one reviewer noted -- is latin for garlic.  A new restaurant in an old space in the Four Seasons.  While the physical renovation didn't appear overwhelmingly different, the kitchen has it goin' on.  "Kick ass attention to detail."  "Wonderful meat work."  "The fanciest Big Mac I've ever had."  Allium had its fans, which found the burger wonderful, the fries perfect (and perfectly seasoned), and wonderful drinks, deserts, and service. There was much to justify the $19.00 price.  Those that didn't give scores in the 90s felt that the bun was a tad on the thick and dry side, while others thought it was well suited to handle a juicy tower of burger.  Our highest scorer wrote that the "bun was hard to understand, like a great magic trick."  Another suggested that the burger tried to do too much, and that only absolute perfection justifies a $19 price point.  But, for its fans, this was a burger not to be missed.  "I shall return, after I win the PowerBall."  Low of 83; high of 96; average of 91.

P.S.  As just one small example of the attention to detail here, the brown paper bag containing the fries was lined with a thin layer of plastic, so that the grease would not stain the bag.  Well done!

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