Friday, July 25, 2014

The Gage -- The Verdict

"This is the high water mark for burgers in the loop.  In between the glisteningly buttery bun is something close to burger perfection."  High praise from one reviewer, but the group as a whole was similarly entranced.  Solid.  Well proportioned.  Tasty.  "Best cheddar I've ever had on a burger."  A particularly compelling accomplishment given the large scale of the restaurant itself and its touristy location.  Even where one of our special orders was slightly off, our group was still forgiving:  "in hindsight, [the missing lettuce] would have just been in the way.  The Gage knew what I wanted better than I did."  If you can average above 90 with this group, you've got something special.  "Keep your pot of gold, put a put of these burgers at the end of my rainbow."  Low of 84; high of 94; average of 91.  (The low light did not do the photos below justice.)

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