Friday, July 31, 2009

Our Rules

  1. The first rule of burger club is you do not talk about burger club; you blog about it.
  2. Charter membership shall be limited to five, with such additions to be made as approved by all the members.
  3. The members shall rotate in the selection of a monthly restaurant.
  4. Each member may order the burger of his or her choice, but if no one else selects the "house burger," the member who chose the restaurant must order it.
  5. The standing date shall be the last Tuesday of the month.
  6. A quorum of more than 50% of the membership shall be required in order for a burger to be evaluated.
  7. Each member shall contribute to a "kitty," to be held in trust by the Treasurer. The kitty will fund the official monthly lunch outing. Members who cannot make that session shall endeavor to visit a make up session at their own expense before the next official monthly lunch outing.
  8. On an annual basis, the member who selected the highest scoring restaurant, based on the criteria to be selected by the members, shall receive an award, financed by the kitty, of nominal amount.

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