Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Capital Grille -- The Verdict

Wrote one reviewer: "The burger was a knockout. The only big deductions were on ancillary points --> ambiance (GOP convention, anyone?) and value (duh). The beef was fantastic, loved the broiled cheese and the presentation, and the server was a treat." We pretty much all agreed, and at least one of our members is anxiously awaiting the next GOP convention. We very much liked the salty, smokey, bacon-y flavor. Great onion roll bun. The broiled cheese led another reviewer to compare it to a meaty pizza. Was there chicken stock in the burger? -- 'cause it was very juicy. Again, the service was terrific. If there's an expense account available and a carnivore to impress, this would be a great place to exercise it. With an average 87, we have a new leader.

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