Friday, April 27, 2012

Custom House Tavern -- The Verdict

We expected more, Custom House.  We loved your spacious dining room; cool, clean feel; and flavorful, peppery beef.  However, the delicious patty was lost in a bun that, to its fans, was a bit overwhelming, and, to its critics, was dry, if not stale.  Either way, the bun was so hearty, we found ourselves gnawing on it long after the beef was gone.  For every thing we liked -- the tasty, perfectly seasoned fries -- there was a counter-point, such as the cheese, that was so mild and flavorless, some had to resort to photographic proof that it was there in the first place.  The burgers were cooked to perfection; but the service didn't seem to quite congeal.  The homemade steak sauce pleased most of our group, and is worth a special mention.  At a $15 price point, we didn't quite get the experience we so richly deserved.  Low of 72; high of 82; average of 76.

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