Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pump Room -- The Verdict

To quote our high scorer: "Exactly what I want a burger to be. Phenomenal house made pickles & pickled jalapeno, arugula, and a big risk on the dry grated cheddar cheese that paid off hugely. I will come back for this burger." Another fan found the burger "perfectly created" with "wonderfully beefy flavor," "terrific cheese," deliciously seasoned fries, with "salad + dressing + pickles = RIGHT OUT." Even the low scorers were relatively complementary, with one noting that the burger was undercooked, with a medium rare order coming out like a flash grilled tartar. Another just could get fully behind the overall taste. We all had a lovely time, and enjoyed the appetizers almost as must as our heated debate about the role of arugula on a burger. On this one, at least, it seemed to work. Low of 80; high of 90; average of 86.

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