Saturday, October 6, 2012

25 Degrees -- The Verdict

We Chicagoans are welcoming folks.  So, we welcome this West Coast import to our midst.  This boîte brings a baroque bordello brassiness to the burger bar battles.  It also brought a wide range of opinion from our reviewers.  25 Degrees offers pre-designed creative burger options, as well as a build-your-own selection, drawing from some 16 cheeses, 14 toppings, and 13 sauces.  We all agree on the helpful service, cool vibe, and a pleasant generosity with refills.  I think we also would say you get a hefty burger for the $9 base price.  Advocates appreciated the interesting combinations, careful preparation, and flavorful cheeses and toppings.  Detractors derided a certain messiness in some of the combinations, questioned whether the $1 sauces added value, and disliked the herbed fries and bacon-wrapped-dates.  Our modal reviewer summed it up:  "Plenty of burger and interesting variety for the price; I just wished I liked it better."  Low of 62; high of 89; average 79.

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