Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sepia -- The Verdict

Rich, flavorful beef.  This must be a custom blend from a talented butcher/chef combo.  A real artist.  A beef-ista, if you will.  We loved the flavor, the Red Dragon Cheddar, and the duck-fat fries on the side.  Very well prepared; all our burgers were cooked perfectly to order.  The flavor and presentation meant that condiments were not needed.  Also, professionally served by warm, friendly, but not cloying staff.  It's hard to find faults here.  Perhaps our buns could have used 30 more seconds on the grill, but c'mon man, this was a wonderful experience.  The quality and even distribution of reviews shows that Sepia knows its burgers.  Low of 87; high of 93; average of 90!

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