Sunday, March 23, 2014

Chef's Burger Bistro -- The Verdict

It's early days for this burger boîte, with a concept that suggests potential.  A burger-centric focus, a full menu of creative options, and a kitchen crew that knows their stuff.  But, the kinks were still present for our visit.  A tone deaf waiter recommended a special burger for "the girls" at our table, which send our experience in a Southernly direction.  Putting aside the service faux pass, once we got past that awkwardness (like a bad first date, you might laugh about it years later, but that doesn't mean the evening was a success), the burgers were out quick and to order.  Nice presentation, too, with a steak knife holding the concoction together and a lovely ceramic ramekin for the fries.  As to the merits of the burger, our group split on the beef flavor, some finding it tasty; others, a bit bland.  A common refrain, though, focused on the beef-to-bun ratio, which lacked symmetry with a hefty patty overwhelming the in-house baked bun.  "It looked like a man trying on a child's cap," resulting in more than a couple bunless bites.  The duck fat fries also underwhelmed; go with the regular ones.  At least during our visit, the Aristotelian unities were not present.  Low of 61; high of 79; average of 72.

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