Saturday, March 1, 2014

Howells & Hood -- The Verdict

There's a lot going on at H&H.  We didn't sample the 100+ beers, but did enjoy some of the many quotations carved into the spacious "ultra picturesque spot."  The rest of the menu looked good, and the place had a nice vibe about it.  Turning to the burger itself, there was a bit of a divergence.  "This burger had admirable aspirations and failed by achieving them."  Some found it a bit salty ("Holy salted salinity, folks.  This burger was hit by a Morton's truck."); other found the seasoning flavorful and well prepared.  Said one:  "There's a good burger in here, just waiting to get out.  Unfortunately, the over fried onion ring topping distracted, and the bottom bun couldn't handle the pressure."  "Sloppy but worth it," said one.  Low of 71; high of 80; average of 75.

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