Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hot Chocolate -- The Verdict

For our Fiftieth Burger (!) outing, a good time was had by all.  We all enjoyed the vibe, the drinks, and the apps, and this landmark in our burgering journey.  At that point, though, we parted ways.  Some enjoyed the balance of the evening, in spite of the burger; whereas others enjoyed the evening, burger and all.  The pro-burger cohort found the high expectations met:  "I like that it isn't nouveau at all.  Butter bun, beef, cheddar and bacon, all excellently executed."  For others, the char triumphed at expense of juiciness and flavor.  "Char she blows," wrote one, who thought the burger had a "crust like Walter Matthau."  Many also thought the potato chip side was a poor substitute for fries.  And, don't get us started on the teeny condiment containers.  Nonetheless, even a burger detractor noted he would "come back for the chill scene along on the hopes that the kitchen can better handle a single order for a burger, rather than the 12 we had," which apparently caused a bit of a challenge.  Low of 69; high of 87; average of 78.

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