Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Lobby -- The Verdict (on retrial)

It had been a while, and with The Lobby menu revised, we retried a burger at this posh ladies-who-lunch venue, high off Michigan Avenue.  This time, a much more consistent experience ... starting with the leisurely pace of affairs, despite fawning service.  A "scrumptious, classic burger, served in a luxury setting, with fawning service...for a somewhat absurd price. If you've got your fancy shoes on and can get over the price point, you are definitely in for a treat. Juicy, flavorful meat, perfectly cooked bacon, gooey cheese, buttery bun, with what amounted to a fresh riff on McDonald's secret sauce to boot." "Perfectly cooked, perfect amount of char, perfect brioche bun, perfect fries and even perfect condiments." Here's the final word:  "I'd definitely come back.  If you were paying."  Low of 84; high of 89; average of 86.

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