Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cherry Circle Room -- The Verdict

Ambience + flavor = impressive!   Like the building itself, the burger received a lot of loving attention from the ground up, and it shows!  While the light char didn't overwhelm one of our reviewers, our group loved the mix.  Said one:  "The number of patties was a bit reminiscent of the razorblades arms rave:  perhaps four patties would be better.  Our maybe just one, cooked med-rare."  Generally, though, we found the burger delicious, the bun tasty, and the fries transcendent.  This place is like the Jiro Dreams of Burger.  Each element has been thought out to arrive at the ideal, from the size of the patties to the perfect circle of the gouda.  "The service, the tunes, the decor -- I mean it is like a straight up asset of classy low-key coolness.  Well done.  I want to come back for dinner, like tonight."  Low of 80; high of 92; average of 87.

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