Sunday, March 13, 2016

Miss Ricky's -- The Verdict

Given that Miss Ricky's is a diner-style restaurant located in a hotel (even a trendy Virgin Hotel), expectations were low.  We all had a good time, enjoying the excellent service service and tasty apps (potato skins and gluten-free onion rings)  But, the burger itself was divisive.  Detractors thought the bun was too large, the meat was unflavored, and -- quelle horreur! -- promised bacon was missing from one of our orders.  (Ricky, don't lose that bacon!)  Supporters like the dual patties, cooked to perfection, the special sauce, and overall mix.  I think we'd all come back, groove on the onion rings, but then we might order quite different entrees.  Low of 68; high of 88; average 78.

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